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With home repair comes the need for tools and materials. There's simply no getting around it – you'll need certain materials and tools to work on your projects!

Take a look at our section about tools. This section will help you figure out what tools and materials you need for your home repair projects.

Of course, one material that all DIY-ers need is caulk. This handy filler can seal up almost any type of gap or crack that you might have. If you're new to home repair, then you'll want to read How to Caulk, which will provide you with the step by step guide you need to fill in those holes. Types of Caulk will help you pick out just the right type of caulking for your home project.

Tip: Although you may feel tempted to buy more tools than you need on your next Home Depot shopping trip, remember that it's smarter to buy just the tools you need for your current project. Let your tool kit build up over time. This will eliminate unnecessary purchases.

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