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Top Five Power Tools For Lawn And Garden

To keep your lawn and garden looking good without making a career of it, power tools are a great timesaver. When shopping for power tools, always buy quality brand names. They have the best warranty, and you will still be using them when the cheap off-brand power tools are rotting in a landfill somewhere.

  1. Power Lawnmower

    A lush green lawn is a joy to behold and a great place for the kids to play. To keep the lawn neat and trim, a power mower is the preferred tool. Most power mowers are of the rotary type, and can be purchased at any home supply store or hardware store. Most are gasoline-powered, but electric models are also available if you prefer a "green" machine. Power mowers range from the little 18" non-self-propelled versions up to the big riding mowers and garden tractors. You can choose to catch and discard the clippings or use a "mulching" mower.

  2. Power Trimmer

    Trimmers can be either gasoline or electric-powered. The most common type is the string trimmer, which uses a plastic "string" on a reel rotating at high speed. Trimmers are useful for areas a mower can't reach, or for clearing weeds. You can also use the trimmer to give your sprinkler heads a clear area to operate.

  3. Power Edger

    The power lawn edger takes the grunt work out of this task. Like trimmers, edgers come in both gasoline and electric models. Many edgers use a rotating blade, but a combination string trimmer/edger with a head that rotates 90 degrees works well for both tasks and eliminates the need for two separate tools.

  4. Power Hedge Trimmer

    If you have a hedge, or shrubs that you like to trim to shape, the electric hedge trimmer is a must. Most hedge trimmers use a reciprocating "bar" which allows you to cut straight and curved edges easily.

  5. Power Leaf Blower/Mulcher

    The leaf blower/mulcher makes fast work of clearing leaves, grass, and other yard debris . . . it is much faster and easier than sweeping. The mulching feature is great for turning yard waste into compost. Available in both gasoline and electric models.

These five power tools will handle 90 percent of your lawn and garden tasks. There are also many more specialized tools for those who have a need for them: snow blowers, log splitters, chainsaws, rototillers . . . the list is almost endless. Regardless of what power lawn and garden tools you use, always practice safety. Wear gloves, proper footwear, safety glasses, and appropriate clothing when operating any power lawn or garden tool.