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Acoustic Ceiling Tool Guide

What You'll Need:

  • Utility knife
  • A framing square or straightedge
  • Carpenter's adhesive
  • Replacement tile
  • A piece of board about the size of the tile
  • A 2x4 or other strut that reaches the ceiling (or finishing nails and a hammer)
  • 1. Use a utility knife of cut the affected tile in half. Carefully remove the pieces from the adjacent tiles and discard.

    2. Using a straight edge and a utility knife, carefully slice off the grooved edges of your replacement tile. See if the tile will fit into the space where the old one was. If not, trim off one of the tongues and test again.

    3. Apply a bead of carpenter's adhesive to the wood or metal furring strips. Slip the new tile into place, making sure it has contact with the glue.

    4. Secure with two or three finishing nails or, if possible, attach a thin, flat piece of board about the size of the tile to the end of a 2x4 post and use it as a strut to keep the tile in place until the adhesive dries. As a less perfect method, secure the tile with duct tape, making sure the tile doesn't sag. When dry, remove the strut, finishing nails or duct tape carefully, so you don't break the adhesive seal.

    Hey! You've Done It
    Now lie on the floor and marvel at your brilliance. The one- or two-hundred bucks you saved doing it yourself will be so much more fun to spend on something other than the ceiling, won't it?

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