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Covering A Damaged Section Of Wallpaper

Patching Up Those Little Holes
Okay, there was that time you decided to try out amateur knife throwing. You may have missed your cousin's torso, but you did manage to put a nice gouge in the field of poppies adorning your wall. For every misguided knife, dart and arrow, for every wild crayon and every wayward steel-toed boot, here is how to patch over a hole or stain in your wallpaper.

How To Do It
First of all, you will need a matching piece of wallpaper, one that is larger than the area you're covering. If the paper on your wall is dirty, the patch will be especially noticeable, so clean the mounted paper before installing the patch (see paragraph two under Repairing Wallpaper.) Once you have the area spic and span, you're ready to proceed.

You're done!
And, as long as you can resist bragging about your wonderful handiwork, we bet no one notices your ingenuity. Except maybe your mother-in-law, but that can't be helped now, can it?

Sometimes the job might not even be this big and a small repair is the right solution. Check out our page on quick wallpaper fixes for quick and easy tips for wallpaper repair!

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