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Drywall Patch Tool Guide

Here is a list of some of the tools you should stock up on before you undertake the challenge of repairing your drywall. Don't worry though, all of these tools are very easy to use and relatively inexpensive.

List Of Tools:

- A circular saw is ideal. But you can also use a large utility knife (box cutter), or another type of small saw, such as a keyhole, saber or drywall saw. Make sure the blades are sharp
- Protective eye goggles and earplugs
- A carpenter's level
- Small shims made of wood or asphalt (roofing) shingles
- A power screwdriver
- Drywall screws long enough to pass through to the studs
- Drywall compound
- Drywall tape
- A new piece of drywall wide enough to span two studs (typically 18 inches)
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