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Fixing Peeling Or Torn Wallpaper

Wallpaper Glue
Wallpaper requires special adhesive to make it stick to walls without creating lumps. It is sometimes called wallpaper glue (gee, how inventive!) and sometimes called lap-and-seam adhesive, for people who like more syllables. Either way, it's readily available at home improvement stores and isn't expensive.

How To Repair
First, use a damp-to-wet (but not dripping) sponge to moisten the underside of the paper where it is lifting or torn. Gently pull the paper away from the wall so that you have access to a small section surrounding the lifted area. Using a paintbrush, sweep on a thin, even coat of glue. Then smooth the paper against the wall. If you find bubbles, you can eliminate them with a squeegee by gently running it over the bubble toward the seam. Lacking a squeegee, you can use a wallpaper seam roller or a damp sponge and perform the same sweeping motion, but don't over-wet the paper, or it will buckle.

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