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Walls And Stairs

Fixing Squeaky Stairs At Stair Level

If you have no underside access, you can still make solid repairs from the topside of the stairs.

Option 1:
Drill angled pilot holes through the stair where the squeak originates down into the solid top edge of the connecting riser. Install and countersink finishing nails, and cover the head holes with matching wood putty.

Option 2:
Remove any molding bridging your stair with the riser behind it. Coat small wood shims with wood glue and drive them between the back of the stair and the riser using a hammer and driving block. Replace molding and cover holes with wood putty.

Option C:
Drill pilot holes straight down through the stair face into the solid top edge of the supporting riser. Use a spade bit to countersink the screw heads. Install wood screws and cover holes with wood putty or dowel plugs.

Good work! Now any squeaks you may encounter in the night should belong only to rodents. And doesn't that give you piece of mind?

Hammer If you're still experiencing squeaks, why not talk to other do-it-yourselfersin our Floors and Stairs forum to get help.