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Walls And Stairs

Paneling Tool Guide

To replace wood veneer panels, you'll need the following:

- Goggles
- A broad pry bar
- Small triangular wood wedges and an approx. two-inch deep wood block
- A hammer w/ nail puller
- Chisel
- Carpenter's adhesive in a squeeze tube or caulking gun
- Crosscut saw (if you need to cut the panel to fit)

To replace tongue and groove wood panels, you'll need:

- A circular saw (to remove old panel)
- Crosscut saw (to cut new panel to size)
- Goggles and earplugs
- Small triangular wood wedges
- A hammer
- Finishing nails
- A broad pry bar
- A wood chisel
- A vise grip and two 4 x 4" wood blocks
- A nail sink (to sink nail heads below the panel surface)