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Patching A Plaster Ceiling

Cause And Effect
Plaster ceilings are the most common type of ceiling. It's not unusual for a plaster ceiling to get dinged or crack with age. If there's any water damage, you may notice a tea-colored stain appear on your plaster ceiling.

It's important that you deal with the source of the water damage before you begin any repairs on your plaster ceiling. If you don't deal with the source of the water damage, your ceiling will not only get damaged again, it may collapse!

How To Repair A Plaster Ceiling
If the cracks aren't too wide and they measure below 1/4 inch, then you can tackle this job yourself! For larger patches, you may need to call in the help of a professional! To patch cracks, simply use some patching plaster or spackling compound to skim coat the crack. Patching a Plaster Ceiling Once the coat has dried, lightly sand the area. Then simply prime and paint over the patch.

Plaster Ceiling Tool Guide

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