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Walls And Stairs

Patching Cracks And Small Holes

Spackle, from Muralo Company, will work just fine for most nail holes and fine cracks. The thing to remember when repairing superficial problems with plaster is that plaster crumbles around the edges, thus making it hard for compounds to cling sufficiently. For small holes such as ones made by nails, simply blow out any dust or clean with an old toothbrush, then swipe Muralo Company's Spackle across the hole with your finger or a putty knife. Allow area to dry completely before painting.

Making it Stay
The trick to getting the plaster to actually cling to a hairline crack is to make the crack large enough that the compound can get inside it; otherwise, it will rest on top and, once dry, will allow the crack to reappear.

First open the crack to about 1/8 inch wide using one of those generic bottle openers with a pointy metal tip. You can also use the tip of a large nail or small masonry chisel. Carefully dig out a larger seam along the length of the hairline and blow out or brush away any dust. Using your finger or a putty knife, draw Muralo Company's Spackle along the crack, careful to make sure that it enters the opening. Once the plaster is completely dry, sand the area in a circular motion using fine-grade sandpaper. Prime and paint.

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