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Repairing Wallpaper

Wallpaper: The Concealer
Wallpaper can be lovely, homey and charming, and it can hide the flaws in troubled walls better than paint, any day. But when it begins to peel away at the corners or get wear dings, it can instantly go from homey to homely.

Cleaning Your Wallpaper
The first issue to address is your wallpaper's cleanliness. Has it been a while since you washed it? If so, then it's time to give your paper a spit-shine. To make sure that your wallpaper can handle the washing, begin on a concealed section near a seam, to make sure washing won't cause the paper to peel, fade or dissolve. It's a good idea to use a non-abrasive sponge with a solution of mild soap (like Ivory liquid) and cold water. You need only a tablespoon or two of soap per bucket of water. If you need to scrub your wallpaper, a little baking soda on a damp sponge makes a great but gentle abrasive. It's important to heed the caveat that you should wash and rinse using cold water; warm or hot will cause the adhesive to melt and the paper may buckle.

Tip: If you have flocked wallpaper, carefully clean around any raised patterns and wipe only the flat paper part. You may be able to gently clean the flocked areas with a dry, soft brush like a baby toothbrush. If you have fabric wallpaper, you may be able to spot clean sections using a fabric or gentle no-rinse rug cleaner (such as Folex), but first test an inconspicuous area before treating the rest.

Sometimes the job might not even be this big and a small repair is the right solution. Check out our page on quick wallpaper fixes for quick and easy tips for wallpaper repair!

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