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Replacing A Section Of Drywall

You Just Can't Live With It Any More
Okay, so there's a section of wall in your living room that reminds you every time you look at it of that Super Bowl two years ago when your team's wide receiver missed a catch that your grandmother could have made from her wheelchair. It took the full force of your anger and, even though you employed a makeshift patch job, it still looks bad. Sometimes you just have to cry "uncle" and admit that no amount of wire screen, plaster or cussing at the dog is going to fix the problem to your satisfaction.

Don't Fear, It's Very Easy
For times like these (and in preparation of Super Bowls to come), you have to know how to remove a section of wall and replace it with a more serious patch. Knowing this technique isn't limited to those among us with feisty tempers, wild children or clumsy friends—this is the minimum fix for walls that have been damaged by water or other hardships that have caused it to crumble or rot. And it isn't as intimidating a task as you might think, so read on.

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