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Walls And Stairs


Fixing a squeaky stair is not that much different from repairing your squeaky floor. However, a squeaky stair can drive you up the wall much more easily than a squeaky floor. Instead of getting mad at your stairs, though, get even and fix them!

How To Fix A Squeaky Stair
The easiest way to fix a squeaky stair is to locate the squeak and then dust it well with talcum powder or powdered graphite, being sure to blow the powder into all the gaps between the stairs and the risers as well as any other joints. Often this is enough to silence a talkative stair.

Stairs If those stairs still whine everytime you step on them, then you'll need to take more direct action. Depending on which is easier for you, you can make your repairs from beneath the stair or at stair level. And before you know it, you'll be able to sneak down to the kitchen for that last piece of pizza without anyone hearing you.

Hammer If you need more help with your squeaky stairs, trek over to our Floors and Stairs forum to speak with other do-it-yourselfers!