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The Art Of Texturing Drywall

For a dramatic final touch--or just to hide a less-than-perfect drywall taping job - consider texturing your drywall. Texture can enhance a room's d'cor and reduce ambient noise. And, since irregularities are part of the design, this home improvement project is well within reach for do-it-yourselfers.

Themed Drywall Textures
Creative drywall textures bring out the artist in every homeowner. "Decorative finishing is a means of transforming ordinary drywall and creating an ambience that flat paint can't," comments drywall texturing instructor Barbara Skivington.

Common drywall textures include:

  • Knockdown or 'Skiptrowel'. A knockdown texture can help deaden sound, hide imperfections, and give the room a rustic, homey feel. If your home improvement project involves a historical or Spanish-style theme, this stucco-like texture produces an aged look.
  • Orange Peel. This texture involves splattering the wall with a fine spray before painting. Orange peel finishes are popular in new homes and can help update an older home.
  • Popcorn. This old standard has fallen out of vogue, but it does a great job muffling sound.
  • Suede. True to its name, this drywall finish looks and feels like suede. Suede finish contains solid materials such as silica. This texture is perfect for home improvement projects intended to warm up a room or complement a retro theme.
  • Slap Brush, Crow's Feet, or Panda Paw. This random texture, created by slapping the brush against the wall, adds interest to any interior design theme.
  • Mud Swirl. Created by swirling joint compound in regular patterns, mud swirl is perfect for a home improvement project with a theme of luxury and elegance.
  • Fingerpaint. For a whimsical and utterly original texture, use your fingers to create a design in the joint compound. A variation perfect for a child's room--have your children make handprints and footprints in the wet compound. (Note: make sure the drywall compound is non-toxic before touching it directly.)
  • Stencils. You can create your own stencil to complement any home improvement theme.

Style, on a Budget
Drywall texturing is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to give your home a dramatic facelift. Whether you are transforming a room into a warm sanctuary, restoring an older home, updating for a fresher look, or enhancing a decorating theme (Italian villa, child's playroom, etc.), drywall texture can play an important role in your home improvement project.

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