Doors And Windows: Repair, Replace, And Improve

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Doors and windows are truly crucial elements of your home. Your doors and windows facilitate engagement with the outside world; a beautiful view of your backyard water garden; a front door that welcomes friends and neighbors. Therefore, it's worth spending some time on improving the beauty and functionality of your doors and windows.

Window Improvement

Improving your windows is one of the most effective ways to improve your own attitude toward your home. You can start your window improvement by taking a look at replacement windows. Replacement windows, such as vinyl windows, have lasting durability, are easier to clean and will save you money on your energy bill.

If you're not looking for window replacements, you can start improving your windows with window treatments. These decorative touches, such as window shutters, window blinds or window curtains, greatly impact how a window is viewed.

Lastly, adding a window seat is a wonderful way to enjoy the beauty of your window. A window seat can be constructed by building a bench between two bookcases or shelves and lining the seat with plush cushions.

Window Repair

If you're looking to fix what you've already got, we've got some great articles on repairing windows. Take a look at the featured windows articles list below!

Adding a Skylight or Dormer

One of the best ways to get lighting in your home is to add a skylight. There are many styles to choose from. There are also new innovations in skylights, including the solatube. Solatubes can be installed within a matter of hours and cost less than the installation of a traditional skylight. For more informaton, visit Installing A Skylight


You might also choose to add a dormer to your house. While a skylight looks appropriate for the style of any home, dormers only work on certain styles of homes, such as a colonial style house. To find out more, see our Adding A Dormer article!

Open Doors

Whether you're looking to fix your garage doors, install shower doors, replace entry doors, need dog doors for Fido or think french doors would look great between your kitchen and dining room, we've got tips and articles that will help you take care of all your home's doors!