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Awning Windows Are a Popular Choice for Many Home Styles

Awning windows are hinged at the top and open from the bottom of the window with a hand-turned crank. Awning windows are popular on older homes, industrial buildings, and for basements.

These windows provide additional air flow through the house, but because of their angled openings they still block out rain and wind. Newer awning windows have hoods and corner guards designed to keep water out. Old awning windows may need to be propped up to stay open, but newer models use friction glides to keep the window open at any angle.

Awning windows are a good choice for many different architectural styles, including ranch, prairie, French, and Tudor home construction. The windows are typically rectangular, with a larger width (hand-cranked windows with a larger height are called casement windows). They are popular in bathrooms, kitchens, above picture windows, and below double-hung windows, as well as on the second floor of homes.

If you would like to increase the air flow in your home to cool it down at night, or you want to replace old, outdated and hard-to-open aluminum awning windows, vinyl awning windows are perhaps the most cost-effective replacement option.

Why Choose These?

Vinyl awning windows are a good upgrade option because of the durability and benefits of the vinyl frame. Vinyl framed-awning windows usually come with lengthy warranties against peeling and flaking, and they are resistant to insect infestation. New vinyl awning windows also offer significant energy savings compared to existing metal-framed awning windows that may be in your home. Plus, new vinyl awning windows offer higher-quality glass that provides an added degree of insulation for your home.

Embarking on a replacement window project can be a significant investment, and most homeowners need to balance cost, function, and aesthetics as they make their home improvement decision. Consult with a window specialist to determine if awning windows are right for your home.