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Weather Shield Windows

The Weather Shield Windows Company has been around for more than 50 years and is a leader in the manufacturing of residential and commercial windows. With nine distinct window product lines, ranging from Legacy Series to Tilt Sash Replacement, consumers have an abundance of choices available. The firm's HR175 Series is tailored to historic homes, and the company also makes patio and entry doors. Weather Shield is an industry giant for homeowners looking for quality products.

Weather Shield Windows specializes in wood frames and offers a myriad of wood materials from which to choose. But, over the years, the company has expanded its line of products to include sophisticated materials, such as vinyl and special environmentally-friendly glass. Now, the company qualifies as an Energy Star® Partner. Energy Star® guidelines compel the company to design and fabricate window assemblies that stand up well in different prevailing climates. If you use Energy Star® products, you may qualify for a tax rebate.

Competitive Advantages

The company offers several competitive advantages. For example, the company:

  • Cuts and tempers its own glass
  • Mills its own wood
  • Extrudes its own vinyl
  • Offers more shapes, styles and options than many other manufacturers

Because Weather Shield Windows offers custom windows, prices trend toward the high end. But, the company enjoys a good reputation with the Better Business Bureau. If you're considering Weather Shield Windows, you may find the right distributor via the Internet and even detailed instructions on how to perform do-it-yourself installations.

After conducting your own research and establishing a budget for your new windows, discuss various product options with your contractor. Ask what your contractor's clients experience has been with various brands of windows in your area, and find out which brands your contractor feels perform well in homes similar to yours. A competent contractor can be a good advisor when you are narrowing your final choices on new windows or window replacement.