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Choose A Certified Professional For Window Installation

You've done your research and decided to install vinyl windows because they never need to be painted and offer great energy-efficiency. Good call! Vinyl windows can be very cost-effective and many homeowners are working on a tight budget. If you are a capable do-it-yourselfer (DIYer), save even more money by asking your neighbor to help you install the windows yourself. But be realistic: a poor installation job can lead to serious trouble with windows leaking, you could find yourself heating the great outdoors.

Choose A Certified Professional For Your Window Installation

Ever heard of being "penny wise and pound foolish?" Having your valuable windows installed by anyone who is less than an expert is often not the best idea. You might be better off spending a little more to install vinyl windows properly rather than pay top dollar for wood-clad windows and installing them with a friend.

Proper window installation is serious business. For this reason, the U.S. Department of Energy's Building Environment and Thermal Envelope Council (BETEC) worked with the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) to develop an education and certification program called InstallationMasters. Only contractors who have gone through the AAMA's two-day course can call themselves InstallationMasters.

The American Window and Door Institute (AWDI) also has a certification program. The AWDI oversees a society called the Window Fitters Guild. Members of the Window Fitters Guild can generally be counted on for the most professional level of window installation.

Warranty Considerations

If you are purchasing directly from the manufacturer, use their installer. Installers working for the window manufacturer are trained by the manufacturer to properly install their specific products. Often the manufacturers will warn you that to get the energy-ratings and performance advertised, professional installation is required. It is even possible that an improper installation may void certain warranties, so review your paperwork carefully.