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Contemporary or Traditional? There's a Window Style for That

Window styles should blend with the architectural design of the home, but homeowners should also consider how they will use the window. Less glamorous, but still important, is to consider how easily the window can be cleaned. Window shape and placement can become surprisingly significant when you are up on a ladder with your clenaing materials.

Specialty windows in unusual shapes such as a round, half-round or triangular configuration are typically fixed windows that cannot open. These windows are used to add light and an interesting design element to a room. Since they don't open, cleaning the outside can be a challenge.

More typical windows include casement windows, double-hung windows and single-hung windows. Double-hung and single-hung windows complement Colonial-style homes, Cape Cod-style homes, Victorian-style homes and early 20th century-style bungalows. A single-hung window has an upper and lower sash, but only the lower sash can be opened and closed. On a double-hung window, both sashes can be opened at once from the top and the bottom. Casement windows are usually tall and narrow and are often found in ranch-style, Prairie-style and 20th-century homes. Casement windows usually open with a crank or a lever on the right or left side that opens the entire window. All of these windows make cleaning manageable.

Contemporary homes are more likely to feature specialty windows or expanses of fixed-glass windows, but they can also feature casement, double-hung and single-hung windows. Homeowners who want to add a traditional look to their windows can add muntins or mullions to their windows, which are strips, often of vinyl or wood, used to divide the window into separate sections. Grilles can also be used to provide the same effect. A true divided light window is any window that has multiple individual panes of glass within one frame. Revome grilles for easy cleaning.

No matter what your window style, today's window manufacturers can meet your needs with a standard or custom design.