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Energy Savings and Replacement Windows for your House

If you feel a cool draft--or the tight pinch of rising energy bills--it may be time to shop for house replacement windows. Not only are the options and styles wider than ever, but you can often dial in just the right set of windows that suit your needs, your home style, and your pocketbook. Low-emissive (low-E) windows on today's market can sometimes save you upwards of $450 a year in energy costs, if you're currently suffering with single-paned windows.

Even if you have double-paned windows in your existing home, they may be outdated. New ENERGYSTAR-rated windows can save you as much as $125 a year in energy costs over lower-rated double-paned windows. For some people, that's a month's energy bill alone. The new low-E coatings on modern house replacement windows can prevent fading of your furnishings and flooring without reducing the amount of sunlight that streams into your home. Factor in delaying the reupholstering of your sofa or replacing that faded area rug, and you may achieve some truly notable savings.

Find The Best Window for Your Climate

The Department of Energy offers tips on choosing house replacement windows for your region at its ENERGYSTAR website. The Northern zone has window ratings based on a climate where homeowners spend most on their heating. The North-Central zone takes into account both heating and cooling during the year, as does the South-Central zone. Homeowners in the Southern zone should choose house replacement windows that are rated for homes that depend heavily on air conditioning.

You should also evaluate your windows based on their compass orientation, whether they'll be in direct light or shade for the majority of the day, and the window's resistance to condensation. Always seek professionals trained in the fitting of your chosen window products who will install them under manufacturer's guidelines.