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Finding the Best Windows for Historical Homes

You'd be surprised at how many people balk at the idea of replacing the architectural windows in their historical or period homes. In the name of preserving the look of the era of their home, they often compromise on keeping windows that leak or loose energy. You don't need to pay ever-rising energy bills to keep a period home heated, cooled, and well-insulated.

Depending on the age and style of your home, you can easily find architectural windows to match, while at the same time incorporate double-paned, energy-efficient, coated, high-performance windows you'll love. In addition, today's replacement windows come equipped with modern hardware that ensures smooth operation and durability year after year.

What's Your Style?

Not every historical style requires the same treatment in architectural windows. For example, a Cape Cod home has a multi-pane treatment, often with side shutters. You wouldn't try to outfit a Prairie Style home with multi-pane window grids typical of the Cape Cod era. Instead, find replacement windows that carry out the theme of wide picture windows and contrasting narrow awning windows.

Owners of Colonial and Queen Anne homes find challenges in shopping for diverse window shapes and sizes. But there are many contemporary replacement windows with the exact style and complementary moldings to preserve the look of your home while increasing value. Even those who insist on wood may find just what they're after from an online search and diligent comparison shopping.

Complement your research by speaking with other homeowners in your neighborhood to find out what window solutions have performed well in their homes. Depending upon your climate, some products may perform better than others. If you have invested in an historic home, you may want to consider hiring a professional window installer to advise you on products that will best meet your needs and perform an expert installation of replacement windows.