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Five Replacement Window Styles


by AJ Fanter


If your energy bills are rising because your dated windows are inefficient, or if your old windows are simply worn beyond repair, chances are you're in the market for replacement windows.

With so many styles to choose from, however, selecting the right kind of new windows for your home can be overwhelming. Here's a brief review of different styles of replacement windows to help you choose the right kind of new windows for your home.  

Types of New Windows

  • Awning, Hopper, and Transom Windows--While an awning window has interior screens and are hinged at the top and open outward, hopper windows feature exterior screens and are hinged at the bottom and typically open inward. And, while you usually find these types of windows in a basement or garage, if either style is placed above a door, it is considered a transom window.
  • Casement Windows--Featuring interior screens and hinges on the side, a casement window is cranked or pushed open with a handle. While the entire window opens, it may not allow for maximum airflow because it blocks breezes from blowing in on the sides.
  • Sliding Windows--Windows that have sashes that move from side to side, rather than up and down, are called sliding windows. Screens on sliding replacement windows can be installed either inside or outside of the window unit.
  • Single or Double Hung Windows--These windows slide open vertically and typically have exterior screens. If both the top and bottom windows slide up and down, it is known as a double hung window; if only one moves, it's a single hung window. The advantage of double hung replacement window is you have greater flexibility for controlling the amount of air circulation based on where you position your new windows.

Whether you prefer the simplicity of an easy-opening casement window or want the maximum amount of air-circulation that a double-hung window affords, with so many options available, you're sure to find the perfect replacement window for your home.


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About the Author

AJ Fanter is a freelance writer based in Reno, NV.