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Boost Your Home Design with Unique Windows

Want to bring your window design to life? Add in some specialty windows and let your curb appeal pop.

A specialty window falls outside of the traditional rectangular or square designs seen throughout most homes. These types of windows might be oval, round or shaped like a half-moon. Some of these windows will even boast stained glass or interesting glass textures and colors. The focus goes beyond letting light into a room to providing a big boost for the home's design.

Shapes and Sizes

Designed for show and not necessarily function, a specialty window still lets light in. Most do not open, however. Among the popular uses are in a:

  • Bathroom--above the bathtub
  • Two story foyer--way up high and as part of a long row of windows
  • Home library or office--to bring in light and add to the décor
  • Kitchen--dining knook

One option is to highlight a two-story foyer with a round specialty window above the doorway. The window draws the eye upward toward a beautiful, dangling chandelier.

Check the Size

A specialty window also can be outfitted with decorative glass that blends with the interior décor. Look for standard sizes from window manufacturers to help keep the budget in line. Try these decorative ideas:

  • Etched glass in a nautical theme for a bathroom that includes a blue and white harbor theme
  • Stained glass that blends with decorative lighting fixtures in a living or dining room, or repeats a pattern displayed on a prominent table lamp
  • Clear glass in a breakfast room that focuses attention toward a decorative element in the garden

There are many uses for specialty windows, but they should be used carefully to avoid overdoing the design. Also, make sure the style fits your home's architecture and your need for privacy, light, and air infiltration.