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Hopper Windows: Little Windows that Produce Big Results

You may not know what they're called, but you're probably seen them in the old houses and buildings they were popular in many years ago. Hopper windows were often used over interior and exterior doors as a means of providing ventilation without sacrificing privacy or security in a home or business. From those humble beginnings hopper windows have grown in popularity and are now used in just about any room due to their simplicity of operation and visual appeal.

Good Things Come in Small Packages

Hopper windows are just like awning windows, but upside down. They are hinged at the bottom and open inward at the top so they are easy to clean and exterior screens can be installed. These windows are available in many heights and widths, but are usually smaller in size which makes them ideal for use in applications such as:

  • In-ground basements
  • Over or under double hung windows
  • Over shower or tub enclosures
  • On exterior walls in walk-in closets
  • Over exterior doors

Hopper windows can be an ideal choice for in-ground basements that may be limited in sources for natural light. The windows can be placed at the top of basement walls, where they may be above the exterior grade, or window wells can be used to allow the grade to flow around the windows.

Small Size Doesn't Limit Available Options

Hopper windows are available with many glass options such as tinting, tempered, or Low-E coating, and some manufacturers offer window grill options so you can match the other windows in your home. If keeping the exterior of your home low maintenance is a goal, then aluminum or vinyl hopper windows may be a good choice as they should never need to be painted. However, if you want the option of painting or staining your windows to fit in with your own unique interior or exterior color scheme, then you may want to upgrade to wood windows that allow you to use any finish you like.