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Single Pane Window Care

Windows come in all shapes and sizes
While new and replacement windows are virtually maintenance free, many of the older style and single pane windows require maintenance and occasionally needs to be repaired.

Neglect often produces the following symptoms:


  • Cracked window panes or broken window panes
  • Loose panes in the window frame
  • Loose or cracked window putty or glaze
  • Remarkable heat loss in winter
  • Remarkable air conditioner power compsumption in summer
  • Making the required repairs to your windows and maintaining them is within the scope of most beginner do it yourselfers.

    Single Pane Window Care This article will explain how to:


    • Replace your exterior window putty or reglaze your window panes


    • Replace cracked or broken window panes in wood frames



    Step 1
    Using a small chilsel or a stiff 1 inch putty knife, carefully remove old material from your window frame. A sanding sponge will help you avoid splinters left behind. Sand away the excess paint.

    Step 2
    Be careful not to remove the small glazing points. If you need to remove them do so with needle-nose pliers. Once the material is removed apply a coat of linseed oil the the exposed frame wood. Using your putty knife, press window glazing against the glass and smooth by applying firm pressure at a 45 degree angle or use window glazing from a caulking gun and apply at a 45 degree angle. Retouch window glazing with primer and paint.


    Single Pane Window Care 1.

    Single Pane Window Care 2.
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