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The Importance Of Energy-Efficient Windows

by Joe Pringle

Every winter we all begin scoping out hardware and home supply stores for the latest in replacement windows to keep our heating bills down and our homes cold-air-free. 

Rarely do we take our window's efficiency into consideration when it starts to get hot outside and we crank up the air conditioning. Replacing your windows in the hot summer months can save you money and make your home a pleasant escape from the heat outside.

Why We Ignore the Summer
Cold air naturally flows into the vacuum created when warmer air rises.  This is why we feel "drafts" from leaky windows in the winter months yet feel no "warm drafts" through these same leaky windows in the summer months. It just doesn't work that way. But do not be fooled: whatever cold air is seeping into your house in the winter is seeping out of your house in the summer.

Replace Your Inefficient Windows

Leaving the doors and windows wide open may work in the early days of summer, but eventually you will want to turn on the air conditioning. If your windows are leaky and inefficient, you wallet will feel it. Let's face it: most homes do not come "factory" with the most energy-efficient windows.  In fact, the majority of non-custom homes are built with the cheapest windows available to the homebuilder.  Replacement windows that are energy-efficient can save you a good deal of money on your home air-conditioning (and heating) costs.

Replacing your windows now can save you money on your air-conditioning, higher-quality new windows add value to your home, and replacing your windows is not an extremely expensive way to make your house a more livable place during the dog days of summer.

About the Author
Joe Pringle is freelance writer and columnist for A-Kitchen-Decorating-Idea.com.