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Loosening Tight Or Swollen Windows

What Causes Jammed Windows
If your window is jamming because it fits too tightly within the sash, it may just be the weather. Moisture swells wood and can make your windows temperamental. You may just want to go watch cartoons and wait for the weather to change. If the problem occurs during dry weather, however, your windows may need cleaning, lubricating or adjustment.

Cleaning a frozen window
Use a paint scraper or chisel to scrape clean the window channels, careful not to pit them. Next sand them smooth using medium- and then fine-grade sandpaper or a plane. Wipe away any dust and coat the channels lightly with paraffin wax or silicon. If you repaint the window frame, paint sparingly with water-resistant paint and avoid all seams between the window and the casing. Avoid painting the channels.

To Widen Sticky Channels
If your window is sticking at a particular spot in the window channel, widen the area by wedging in a wood block that is slightly wider than the sticky point and tapping it in with a hammer.

To Loosen a Tight Sash
You'll need to remove the window to plane down the sash. First, use a chisel or utility knife to sever the paint between the jambs and the stops.

To Finish
Pry off the stops with a chisel, keeping the nails in tact. If screws were used, you'll have to remove them. Once you have the sash free, turn it on its side and lightly sand or plane both sides doing just a bit at a time and checking the fit repeatedly. If you overdo it, your window will be loose, so go slowly and take care. Once you have the fit just right, lubricate the channels with paraffin or silicon.

The Real Culprit?
Of course sometimes the real culprit of a stuck window is a poor paint job. This can be a real pain, but with the right instruction you can fix the problem; simply consult our easy guide on liberating a painted window

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