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Low Maintenance Replacement Windows

Vinyl windows emerged after World War II when materials were scarce in Germany. Over the years, this window frame type gained popularity around the globe for a variety of practical reasons.

Today's busy lifestyles often make minimizing home maintenance a priority. Vinyl replacement windows can be an excellent choice if you don't have time for refinishing window frames and repairing damage caused by termites, dry rot, and bad weather. Here are six critical things to consider when selecting vinyl windows:

Six Selection Considerations

  1. Decorative/architectural preferences: Vinyl window frames are suitable for many home and decor styles, but may not be your first choice if you have a historically significant home, or if you want to maintain your home's architectural integrity.
  2. Functionality: Select new windows according to what you want them to do. Vinyl window styles can improve energy efficiency, insulate your home against noise, reduce maintenance, and stand up to climate extremes.
  3. Convenience: Vinyl window frames are tinted through and through, so scratches and dings are rarely visible. Vinyl windows cannot be refinished, but are available in a variety of colors. Choosing a neutral shade can help prevent problems when you repaint or redecorate your home.
  4. Cost: Replacing windows can be a major project that can easily become somewhat costly. Vinyl windows offer many features and benefits for a comparatively low price.
  5. Curb appeal: New windows can improve your home's appearance and can be a draw for buyers, particularly if your vinyl windows can help with reducing home energy costs.
  6. Rental properties: If you own rental properties, vinyl windows can be a great choice. Easy to install and easier to maintain, new vinyl replacement windows can help with controlling energy costs and reducing maintenance.

Installing vinyl windows can improve your home's value and functionality at a relatively reasonable price. Enjoy the energy-savings and improved asethetic after completing your replacement window project.