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The Most Popular Window Style in America

Yes, you've guessed it. We're talking about vinyl double-hung windows. But today's double-hung replacement windows aren't plagued with the problems you recollect from Grandpa's house. Remember trying to raise up the bottom half of the window only to find it hopelessly painted shut? Yet all that paint somehow didn't stop winter's icy blasts from gusting right into the house. And how many times did Grandma chide you to stop drawing pictures in the condensation on the window (which puddled on the window sill.) In spring you held the ladder while she cleaned the second story windows.

Windows of Today

To fully appreciate how different today's vinyl double hung windows are, look at them in a building supply store or at a window dealer. Run your fingers over the silky-smooth, weatherproof surfaces. Note all the nice little flanges and pre-drilled holes that make the window installation fit so snugly into the wall. Look at the chart of colors available--colors that you should never have to repaint, because it permeates the PVC from which the frame is built. And the models with tilt-in windows are particularly safe and convenient to clean.

Too bad, but your own children can't use the panes of the double-hung window to fingerpaint in the condensation. The double- or triple-pane glass, filled with either air or inert gas between the panes, is sealed so that condensation shouldn't form. And of course those sealed panes offer vastly improved resistance to thermal transfer, year round.

Add in Tax Advantages

It gets better: Replacement windows purchased through 2010 may earn you up to a $1,500 tax rebate if the windows bear the ENERGY STAR label. Save your new windows receipts and alert your tax advisor of your purchase. It's a great time to buy new energy-efficient windows. Suggest that Grandpa and Grandma do the same.