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Repairing A Sliding Window Track

A Bent Track Is Often The Culprit
Sometimes your lovely sliding window gets stalled in its tracks. If the problem isn't paint, grime or an obstruction, it may well be due to a bent track. Before beginning repairs, you should first clean out the rail with a stiff brush, steel wool or the flat head of a screwdriver to be sure an obstruction isn't the reason for the foul-up. If you have a small nozzle attachment on your vacuum cleaner, it will be quicker to suck the debris out than try to lift it out of the track with a sponge or brush.

Removing The Sash
Once the track is clean, you may have to remove the sash to access the bent section of rail. If the bent section is on the opposite side, don't bother going through the hassle. Assuming you need to remove the sash, here's how to proceed:

1. If you have locks, stops or other security options installed on the window, remove the screws holding them in place and then uninstall the devices.

2. Angle the bottom edge of sash outward so that you can free it from the track.

3. Use a piece of solid wood that fits snugly into the undamaged section of track. If the track is bent outward, carefully tap the bowed edge against the wood block until it is straight. If the track is bent inward, tap the block's blunt end with the hammer, gently forcing it into the narrowed section of track until the sides are pushed outward to match the rest of the rail.

Other Problems
If the problem isn't your window track, though, but your blinds, then you'll need to call in some professionals. Companies like Vertical Blind Repair can repair Graber, Hunter Douglas, Levolor blinds as well as most other brands of vertical blinds. They can also provide you with the repair parts you need.

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