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Replacement Windows: An Investment with Long Term Dividends

Most people are steering clear of financial risks these days, and steady, dependable long term investments that pay an annual dividend are vogue once again. In today's economy, everybody seems a little more careful with their money, and many are looking for ways to save for the future. If you want a safe investment that should provide you with annual savings as long as you're in your home, consider replacing your old, inefficient windows.

An Initial Investment for Long Term Savings

Homeowners often delay investing in new windows due to high prices, but the cost of replacement windows may be a lot less than you think. In today's world of "green" building, it's easier than ever to upgrade your windows to the modern energy efficient units now available.

New windows can provide lowered heating and cooling costs every year. And, when you sell your home, you may recoup a large percentage of your replacement windows investment. Here are a few ways to reduce the initial cost of replacement windows:

  • Energy Star Windows: Choosing Energy Star rated windows may entitle you to a federal tax credit
  • Standard Sizes: Many window companies stock standard-sized replacement window units that slide right into existing openings. Standard sizes can be cheaper than custom windows and should also reduce installation costs.
  • Vinyl and Aluminum: Vinyl and aluminum replacement windows offer all the benefits of modern energy- saving technology, but can be more economical than other materials.

Many investors say a "sure thing" in the investment world doesn't exist, but replacing your inefficient windows may be pretty close. That's because the initial cost of replacement windows is minimal compared to the energy savings they create.