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Single and Double-Hung Sliding Windows

Vertical sliding windows are also know as single or double-hung windows because they have window panes, or sashes, that slide up or down for air ventilation. Windows that have two movable sashes that slide either up or down are called double-hung windows. Windows with a single movable sash are called single-hung windows.

New vertical sliding windows can be a great way to upgrade the look of your home, and they typically aren't as expensive as casement windows, which open to the left or the right with a hand-turned crank. Purchasing new vertical sliding windows also allows you to capitalize on the increased energy savings offered by new windows through better-insulated glass.

Choosing Single- or Double-Hung Windows

The most common vertical sliding window frame styles are made from wood, aluminum, or vinyl. Some manufacturers make a fiberglass window frame, while others offer window frames made from wood but clad on the exterior in vinyl or aluminum to better withstand the elements.

As with most windows, wood frames cost more than other materials; however, they offer perhaps the widest range of design styles and grid choices. Many people prefer the appearance of wood windows, but they might not fit as nicely into every homeowner's budget. For cost-conscious remodelers, vinyl or aluminum window frames may be a better option.

One reason why many homeowners choose double-hung vertical sliding windows is because they can open the top window pane rather than the bottom one, which can prevent adventurous young children from falling out of a window. Another benefit of this window style is that the window panes are easily removed for cleaning--a big bonus for windows on two-story homes.

Vertical sliding windows have been a popular choice for windows for hundreds of years, and their versatility, attractiveness, and cost are likely to keep them popular for the foreseeable future.