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Steel Windows: Durable, Versatile, and Expressive

Windows are peepholes to the world, but they can also be a means of architectural expression. They not only impact how much natural light enters a space, but can be artistic in their own right. From the Lal Bagh glass house to Notre Dame's rose window, windows can truly make a design. For a material so fragile, glass can make a strong statement.

When it comes to choosing a window product that gives architects the strength and versatility they need to bring their most striking plans to life, steel windows can't be beat. Once reserved for industrial buildings, steel has found a place in virtually all settings. It's no wonder--steel offers benefits other products can't easily top.

Five Reasons Steel Can't Be Beat

Wood is traditional; vinyl is easy to maintain. Every window product has its advantages, but, when it comes to unique window design, steel is often considered king. Here are five winning characteristis of steel window frames:

  • Strength: Steel is the strongest window material available, which means it can support large panes.
  • Durability: Steel windows have an impressively long lifespan.
  • Narrow Sightlines: Steel's strength and durability combine to provide a window product which offers narrow sightlines. That means more glass and less clutter in your view.
  • Variety: According to the Steel Window Institute, steel frames are available in a number of products, including: fixed or ventilated; hot-rolled or cold-formed; fire-rated; and commercial, light, or heavy.
  • Versatility: Because steel can accommodate a range of window sizes and styles, it works well in virtually any type of setting, from industrial buildings to private homes.

From subtle to the dramatic, the benefits of steel windows make them a mainstay in any architect's toolbox. Discuss the option of steel window frames with your designer and evaluate whether the performance and asethetic of steel may have a place in your new home or home addition.