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A Traditional Window Choice for Modern Homes

Traditional wood window frames are popular even in today's modern world where choices span the gamut from PVC (vinyl windows) to aluminum and everything in between. Wood is readily available and can be milled into complex shapes to form almost any window design from arches to octagons.

When choosing the windows for your home, you'll probably be concerned about appearance, weatherproofing, thermal control and aesthetics. Wood windows can be a great answer in each of these categories.


Wood frames can resist weather well, though wet and sunny climates both call for some preventative maintenance on the homeowner's part. A fresh coat of paint can protect your wood windows from rot, and tidy up any paint peeling. Be sure to scrape any chipped paint thoroughly before repainting, and remove as much old pait as possible before adding a new layer. In addition, painting the frames a different color can give your home a whole new appearance.

Thermal Control

The window industry uses a measure called "U-Factor" to track heat transfer and energy absorbtion in various windows. Wood-framed windows have good U-Factor, and so are considered to be decent insulators. The lower the U-factor, the better the window's insulating value.

Aesthetic Value

Wood window frames are considered by many to be attractive, whether you choose to paint to match the trim of the house or leave the wood natural (protected by a wood sealant).

Newer Choices

Another variation on wood windows is the wood clad window frame, which combines vinyl or aluminum windows with a wood overlay to give the look of wood and the convenience of other materials. But even with the newer choices available, wood windows are still the number one choice for a lot of homeowners because of the traditional look and the traditional way wood blends into house design.