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Two Quick Tips for Window Treatments on Tough Windows

The key to covering a tough window is to be creative. Even tough to treat basement hopper windows can easily be made private. You've got to think outside the box in some cases. If you need privacy and are having trouble with a tricky window, consider these two tips.

1. Decorative Window Films

You could pay a fortune to have the glass etched. A much easier and cost-effective way to obtain privacy is to cover the window with a film. Window film is not just for tinting. There are decorative films that can create just about any effect. You can do color, texture, or even graphic patterns. Make an otherwise plain window gorgeous using a film that looks like stained glass. Window films today go way beyond corporate logos. Decorative window films can easily be used in residences. Difficult to treat basement hopper windows are a snap to cover using a contemporary window film.

2. Magnetic Or Adhesive Curtain Rods

Sometimes, the traditional rod and curtain is the design look you are trying to achieve. Not all window types and placements give you the surface or space you need for this type of window treatment. Steel doors are common these days. Drilling into them is not the only way to hang a curtain. Try a magnetic rod. Or, if the window you want to cover is crammed into its spot, as basement hopper windows often are, you might be able to use an adhesive rod directly on the frame or even the glass.

Sometimes, a combination of the above two approaches is in order: place a subtle decorative film on your window, and install a curtain rod with an attractive curtain that complements your room's decor. Privacy is provided by the film, and the eye is drawn to the handsome curtain.