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Wndow Cleaning Products Supplies And Equipment

Throw Your Assumptions Out The Window
Contrary to popular belief, paper towels and all-purpose household cleaner are not pieces of window cleaning equipment. Some people may use these things to quickly try to remove dirt from windowpanes and sills, but they in no way compare to proper window cleaning tools.

The Essentials
There are some window cleaning essentials that both homeowners and professionals should have to effective eradicate dirt and streaks from windows.

Basic Window Cleaning Tools:

  • Bucket
  • Soap and water
  • Medium to long-nap lamb's wool scrubber
  • 12-18 inch High-quality squeegee with brass body and replaceable rubber blades
  • Lint-free cloth

The above materials will produce considerably better results than you are able to achieve with a cloth and a spray bottle, but for some jobs the basic window cleaning tools are not enough.

Call The Pros
Professional window cleaning services are usually called upon to tackle jobs that involve insane heights and seemingly endless rows of windows so for these jobs they require special equipment.

Professional Window Cleaning Equipment:

Professional window cleaners may use one or all of these things to get the job done.

  • Cherry-pickers
  • Power-operated platforms
  • Platform supports
  • Roof anchors
  • Belt anchors
  • Harnesses
  • Safety Ropes Lanyards
  • Rope grabs

Different Tools For Differnt Jobs
The type of window cleaning equipment you need will depend on the job that you are trying to tackle and whether or not you are a window cleaning professional, but if you are serious about clean windows toss the paper towels and add a squeegee and an scrubber to your window cleaning arsenal. The results will be clear.

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