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Window Cleaning - How-To Instruction For Clean Windows

Window Cleaning Is Easy
Many people are stumped when it comes to figuring out how to clean windows but window cleaning is more straightforward than you might think. The first thing to understand is that the window consists of more than just a glass. The windowpane is just one of the items that you have to address during window cleaning. You also need to consider the blinds, drapes, screen and sills.

Soaking The Screens
Start by removing the blinds and drapes and washing them individually. Blinds can be cleaned in a tub full of warm water and soap, while drapes can be taken to a drycleaner.

Rinsing Screens
Next remove the screens from your windows and take them outside. You will want to spray the screens down with a hose to remove most of the dirt and then continue by scrubbing them with a brush and some soapy water.

Get Out Your Vacuum
Windowsills are easy to clean if you have a vacuum cleaner. Use the vacuum hose to suck up debris and dead insects. Next use a paintbrush to sweep out any remaining dirt from the cracks and corners and finish by wiping the sills with a cloth that has been dipped in diluted rubbing alcohol.

The Best Tools For The Job
When you clean you get around to cleaning your windowpanes remember that professional window cleaning supplies will usually produce better results than paper towels and store bought cleaning solution. Try to get your hands on a squeegee and a scrubber to make the task easier.

Cleaning Windowpanes
  • Using a scrubber, saturate the windowpane with soapy water
  • Scrub the pane until all dirt has been removed
  • Using horizontal strokes, starting at the top, squeegee the window dry.
  • As you squeegee make sure that all the water runs downwards
  • Overlap each stroke by two inches
  • After each stroke wipe the squeegee dry with a lint-free cloth

Easy As Pie
Once you figure out how to clean windows the job will take you no time. Sticking with quality supplies and proper methods you will never be confused by window cleaning again.