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Professional Wondow Cleaning Safety Guidelines

Window Cleaning Can Be Dangerous
Window cleaning safety most often comes into play with professional window cleaners because they are usually responsible for cleaning window surfaces while suspended at great heights.


For the benefit of professional window cleaners a set of window cleaning safety guidelines have been developed, many of which deal with fall protection.

Guidelines for Window Cleaning Safety:

All professional window cleaners should utilize at least one of the following systems to protect themselves against falls.

  • Fall arrest systems. These consist of a safety rope, anchor point, harness, lanyard, and a rope grab. The moment a fall occurs the fall arrest system should slow the fall down and eventually bring the falling worker to a complete stop before any injury can occur.


  • Properly constructed roof anchors. These devices are used when a roof suspension apparatus is needed to reach high-up windows. Window cleaners will be attached to the roof anchor so all anchors should must be designed by a registered professional engineer and inspected by a highly qualified contractor on an annual basis.


  • Fall restraint systems. These systems are designed to prevent falls with a permanently installed horizontal line to which workers can attach their harness and lanyard. The fall restraint system is usually used when a window cleaner is working on a window ledge and it prevents them from getting to close to the edge and falling off.


  • Warning line systems. This system is used to warn workers that there is a hazard nearby by clearly identifying a danger zone. With a warning line system a hazardous area will be taped off with caution tape, or marked with pylons to indicate danger ahead.

Always Be On The Safe Side
All window-cleaning services should have strict window-cleaning safety to ensure that workers and the public are protected in the event of an unexpected occurrence.

Some Helpful Tips
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