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Window Cleaning Tips to Avoid Dirty Streaky Windows

If you've cleaned your windows over and over again and they still look dirty and streaky, there might be a problem with the products or methods you are using. Many people will get fed up and leave their windows in a sorry state without realizing that there are window cleaning solutions for many of the problems that they experience.

Solution #1 - Reassess your Tools

The first way to fight the war against streaky windows is to eliminate the spray bottles and paper towels. Professionals don't use these tools and neither should you. Instead opt for a squeegee and a lamb's wool scrubber.

Solution #2 - Use the Proper Cleaning Method

Soak the scrubber in soapy water so that you can get the window wet and remove all dirt. Keep scrubbing until the water that runs down the window is clear of debris. Next, use the squeegee to dry the window starting at the top and working your way down. Tilt the squeegee so that all water flows down on to the wet area below, overlapping each stroke by two inches. After each stroke wipe your squeegee dry with a cloth.

Solutions #3 - Don't Wash in the Sun

Something most people don't realize is that it's best to clean your windows on a cloudy day. When windows are cleaned in the sun cleaning solution usually dries too quickly so there is no time to squeegee it off before streaks appear. Cleaning in the shade will provide you with ample time to scrub and squeegee.

Even if you can't afford professional caliber window cleaning supplies you don't have to suffer the embarrassment of dirty windows. The best window cleaning solution for people on a tight budget is a homemade solution. Combine either one part ammonia with four parts water, or one part vinegar with three parts water to make a window cleaning mixture that will wash away all of your filth and worries.

Some Helpful Tips
For more information on the best ways to clean your windows, try our window cleaning tips site. It has all the information you will need to get the job done.

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