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Window Cleaning - Window Sills, Drapes, Blinds And Screens

Why Have Windows If You Don't Clean Them?
Windows are your eyes to the outside world so it is imperative that you keep them clean. Most people will let the dirt settle on their windows all year round until the filth becomes unbearable, but this is not an acceptable way to maintain these essential portholes. Instead of giving in to dirty buildup you need to take charge and start fighting back against the birds and weather that are sullying your windows and explore the simple window cleaning methods at your disposal.


A Proper Thorough Cleaning
Proper window cleaning must be thorough, so it is important to consider not just the windowpanes but also the sills, drapes, blinds and screens.

Thorough window cleaning is also made easier when the right tools are used. Instead of cloths or paper towels that leave streaks, anyone who is attempting to clean windows will benefit from using a scrubber and squeegee. For more information on window cleaning supplies and equipment please refer to our sections on window cleaning supplies and window cleaning equipment

D.I.Y. or Professional
There are also techniques that professionals use to clean windows to a streak-free shine so it is important to familiarize yourself with these so you don't have to spend hours trying to wash away your mistakes.

If you've had bad experiences washing windows in the past and are absolutely against attempting this chore you will likely want to looking into window cleaning services in your area. These services are often used by commercial buildings to clean large expanses of high-up windows, but they are also used by homeowners who need a thorough job done quickly. For all the information you might want on professional cleaning services please check out our section on professional window cleaning services


The Best Results
Regardless of whether you choose to clean your windows yourself or have a professional do this for you, you will definitely appreciate the product of a job well done. With proper window cleaning the results are clear.

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