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Window Replacement Installation: A Paneful Experience

The day has come for your window replacement installation. You budgeted for the best windows that would go with your old house and keep it as true to its original architecture as possible. You're installing replacement wood windows!

Window Replacement Installation: Be Crystal Clear

No matter what, there might be some decisions to make during your window replacement installation. If you can make those decisions right then, you are more likely to complete the project that day. Arrange to be there with the contractor yourself to answer any questions, especially if you have an old house. If your home is older construction, there's bound to be something that needs to be fixed once the old windows are removed and the replacement wood windows are ready for installation.

Window Panes … or Pains

Whether some rain has seeped in and required the wood around the sash be replaced, or some molding needs to be replaced, be flexible. You might have to go with a different molding than before if it was a unique style no longer available. Whether your windows are painted or stained, the replacement wood windows might look a slightly different color than the trim around it. Figure out a way with your contractor to make your installation go smoothly and have an idea of how much more money you are willing to approve. Plan your window replacement installation during good weather to avoid any swollen wood that might throw off an accurate fit.

At the end of the day, you should feel pleased with your new view safely installed. Ensure that good feeling by being there throughout your window replacement installation and being flexible.